What is your word for 2017?

What is your word for 2017?

27th December 2016 0 By Zoe

I was given a beautiful, handmade journal for Christmas and have just been organising it ready for next year. I made my first page, a page full of affirmations. This led me onto writing this post…what is your word for 2017?

If you are unfamiliar with affirmations, they are a wonderful way of bringing positivity, success, health, money, love, whatever it is you need, into your life.

It is based on the law of attraction. Whatever you think of, talk about, give your energy to etc, the universe will provide for you.  It might seem a bit far fetched, but I have done this for years, and it really does work!

For example, if you suffer with illness, you could say something like, ” I am healthy and full of energy”, you wouldn’t say things like, “I don’t have pain”, or “my illness has gone” as these are negative phrases and instead of attracting health, you will attract pain, or illness in these examples. It works in both the positive and negative sense, so it’s so important to look at things in a positive way!

Have you ever noticed that the people who always talk about how bad things are, how much debt they’re in, how unfair life is etc, are constantly struggling with these problems? Whereas people who talk about things in a positive light, “I have this new job”, “I can afford this holiday” etc, generally have good things come their way?

A life coach first introduced the idea to me many years ago when I was in a pretty negative place. She told me I needed to say my chosen phrase out loud, with purpose, 33 times a day for 33 days. Then within 3 weeks, my affirmation would be realised! I don’t know if those numbers are necessarily essential but it was a good start and true to her word, within 3 weeks, I had met the man of my dreams, and within a year we were married! (Still are!) After a string of destructive relationships, this is what I really needed in my life at the time.

Whilst writing this, I’ve just remembered I used the same principle when we were struggling to get pregnant with Osito! After a year and a half of trying, I started saying the phrase ” I have a happy, healthy pregnancy and child”  whilst I walked to work everyday. About 10 months later, we had our first baby!

Anyway, I digress! This post was supposed to be about a word! A word that will be ‘your’ word for next year. A word that will sum up who you want to be, or what you want to have in your life.

For me, my word is Time. “I have time”. I have chosen this word as I very rarely make any time for myself. I need to address this in order to make myself a better mum, a better wife and a better me!

Firstly, you need to choose something that you need/want in your life. You then need to say it out loud to yourself as if it already exists. Everything has to be said in the present, and in a positive context. You can write it down too, leave notes for yourself around the house or at work, anything that will remind you to take note of that thought for a period of time each day.

So I plan to start today, (why wait hey!) and continue for as long as I feel I need to. I might even have a new word each month, I’ll see how I feel, but I’ll keep you updated along the way! Why not give it a try, let me know what your word is going to be, and what impact it has on your life over the next year!