Time to reset

Time to reset

9th August 2018 0 By Zoe

It’s the summer holidays, and although this doesn’t make a huge difference to us in terms of school, it does tend to upturn the usual routine. The last few weeks have been very busy and lots of fun, but in turn this leads to lots of late nights and grumpy children (and parents!)

We also have a big garden project taking shape at the moment which has meant less time to actually connect with the kids. All in all, the last week or so has taken its toll and evolved into endless bickering, fighting, upset and angery outbursts. Not a good place to be!

Before dinner, things had escalated and it was time for action! I’ve been finding myself more and more short tempered with the arguing and whinging and found I was certainly not helping the situation with my curt responses. The atmosphere in our house was at breaking point!

Thankfully, after another outburst from Pebble during dinner, she asked to go for a walk to the local Church, so that’s what we did, and boy did we need it!

Biz stayed behind to continue work on the project and the 3 of us took the short walk to the Church on the Hill. We are not a religious family, but we do love to go for walks around the Church yard and take in the views from the hill. It’s always a peaceful place to be. Pebble, in her intuitive way, sensed it was what we all needed to reset.

With a spring in our step, our whole outlook seemed to have shifted. We ran up the hills letting off steam, played games chasing each other around the Church and taking photos. I challenged the kids to take my phone and find some interesting images to photograph…they were instantly inspired and I love the results they’ve come up with!

Above images by Pebble and Osito.

We picked blackberries, watched the rain in the distance, talked about superheroes and how we can develop our own super powers and basically reconnected! It only took half an hour, I so wish we’d done it sooner!

We came home to a big hug from Daddy, read lots of new library books and then settled them to sleep!

Sometimes it is so hard to see what is right in front of you, or find the time or means to make these connections. Life is so busy, all the time and I’m increasingly hearing myself say “in a minute…” “later, I’m busy…” I need to make a change, remind myself that this shift in behaviour is due to lack of connection, not them trying to be difficult.

I plan to make these moments count, because life goes by too quickly and I don’t want to miss a thing!