Simple Sundays make me Smile

Simple Sundays make me Smile

15th January 2017 0 By Zoe

Today has been a beautiful day and I wanted to share, as it’s the simple things that made it so special. Here’s how it went!

Firstly – I woke at gone 8, with happy children – bonus!

Then I motivated myself to go out for a run with my new running group, despite it being cold and wet! This is a completely new and unexpected hobby for me, part of my 12 skills for this year. It was considerably harder than last week but I did it, and even managed a sprint finish! It felt amazing and left me all warm and glowing for a good while after!

Back home for breakfast before motivating the kids to get dressed and join us for a wet and windy walk before lunch. We got all dressed up in wellies and waterproofs and drove a few miles down the road to the bottom of Ivinghoe Beacon. We took the steep path up the other side to our usual route, it was super slippy underfoot but great fun as we skidded and slid all over the place on our race to the top. Osito and Biz took the lead with us girlies not far behind. As we reached the plateau before the summit, (it’s not exactly Everest but you know what I mean!) we were excited to see some snow was still left on the ground and had a quick snowball fight before running the last bit up to the top. We were in a cloud for most of the climb, but when we reached the trig point, the cloud just lifted slightly, giving us some unusual and interesting views of our beautiful countryside.

We were on a time limit as we had to get home for our shopping delivery, so we quickly turned and ran back down the hill, with the wind behind us, running as fast as our legs would take us down the muddy hillside! It was exhilarating as we all screamed out with excitement, nervous that we could all end up on our bums at any moment! The kids had a couple of little tumbles but as they were in their all in one suits, they weren’t bothered, picking themselves up and carrying on covered in mud! We made it back to the car within our allotted hour and back home in time. We were all red faced and full of energy and elation after our little adventure.

Time for a nice bacon sarnie and cuppa tea for lunch. The mood was calm and peaceful after a hectic few days before, and it was much appreciated, by me especially! We’d promised Osito some time on Minecraft after lunch, so he and Biz got into that, Pebble played some games on her tablet and I took myself upstairs with a hot water bottle, my journal and my book and enjoyed a couple of hours snuggled in bed by myself. I even had a cheeky nap too! Just perfect.

Refreshed and happy, I came back downstairs, put some spuds in the oven for dinner and we all cuddled up to watch the last in the series of Planet Earth II (or fighting animals as Pebble likes to call it!) before dinner, bath and bed.

I’ve always struggled to find time in our busy life for ‘me’, hence my earlier post what is your word, and this year so far, I’ve been feeling in a bit of a funk! However, today I actually think I accomplished some ‘me’ time. Not only that, but it was in a peaceful, calm, enjoyable way, where I didn’t feel at all guilty for not doing enough for the kids or anyone else. Today has been a success, and it just goes to show that the simple things in life are the ones that make us smile, it’s those things we need to focus on.

Happy Sunday everyone xx


Photo Credits: Barry Minter