Roasted chestnuts 🌰

Roasted chestnuts 🌰

27th November 2018 0 By Zoe

Whilst collecting supplies for our Christmas wreath, in the woods at the weekend, we also collected some sweet chestnuts 🌰 I can’t quite believe that at 38 years young, I have never harvested and roasted my own chestnuts before! Something had to be done about this!

Today is a wet and grey day at home so the perfect opportunity to get roasting!

Firstly I rinsed and then soaked the chestnuts in warm water for about 15 minutes whilst heating the oven to about 180 degrees.

Then I cut an X into each of them to stop them exploding from pressure in the oven…my oven is in need of a clean already, without exploded chestnuts adding to the mess 😂

I patted them dry before laying on a baking sheet and placing in the oven. I left mine for about 15-20 minutes because they were quite small, but kept checking on them and giving them a toss throughout the cooking. They are ready when the shell has cracked open and the centre is soft.

After removing from the oven, I placed them in a clean tea towel and gave them a scrunch, to help the skins loosen a bit more. Be careful with this bit as they are obviously still hot!

Now for the bit I enjoyed the most…peeling them! The smell at this point was delicious and I strangely I find it really therapeutic to peel things! Peel off the outer skin and the white pithy bit inside.

The end result was a beautiful bowl of roasted chestnuts, or bowl of brains as the kids referred to them 🤣

I think they are delicious, unfortunately the kids weren’t as impressed…never mind, all the more for me…shame there is no one here to share them with me 😜

I ate a few and then actually decided to try something else with them as I didn’t want all that goodness to go to waste…check out the recipe for Chocoalte Chestnut balls here 😊 and these were a big hit with the kids!