Project Funky Stairs!

Project Funky Stairs!

1st August 2018 0 By Zoe

Since we moved in, nearly 8 years ago, our stair carpet has been on my list of things to remove! Some would call it retro, but I hated it! We’ve done a fair bit of work to the house in those years, but for some reason that carpet was still there! So, as I tend to do quiet often, I have a mad moment and without having a proper plan, I start on a new project! This drives Biz mad, but to be honest, if I didn’t do these things they would never get done, and the way I see it, once you’ve started, it has to be finished, so you get it done!

Biz is more of a careful planner, making sure everything is in place before making the first move, but I guess that’s where we compliment each other! Anyway, I usually get it done while he’s away working…hehe!

So anyway…I had had enough one day and whilst the kids were happily occupied, up came the carpet! In my excitement, I forgot to get a proper before shot, so here’s is one half done to give you an idea of the beautiful carpet I was disposing of!

I have no idea how long that thing had been there but I’d guess at least 40 years! The foam underlay had completely dissintergrated leaving a nasty black dust, but as soon as that had been hoovered up and the stairs given a wash with warm soapy water, the results were amazing! Why hadn’t I done this before!!!

Whilst trying to decide what to do next, I spent a lot of time on my favourite site…PINTEREST! I wanted something different, something bright, but not too hard or expensive to achieve. I looked at painting, decoupaging, stencilling, tiling…and then I found the perfect solution…Stair Stickers! I didn’t even know they existed, but they do, and there are a huge variety of options out there at a very reasonable price. Very excited at my find, we shortlisted a few and finally decided on the brightly coloured wood effect. There are great options of waterfalls, and beaches etc but as our stairs go around a corner at the top, these wouldn’t have worked for us. I’m so pleased with our choice, it makes me smile each time I go up the stairs!

So that was the risers sorted, what about the treads? Well I was up for just painting it white, but we did notice the hallway became very echoey without any carpet, so I managed to find these great stair tread carpets on eBay. There are a lot of options online and most seem to be a semi circle shape, which was not what we’d wanted. It’s worth doing your research, because these are perfect and a fraction of the price of the others we looked at. For 14 stair carpets, we spent under £30!

That all ordered, I set about painting the treads around the edges, and the skirting boards which were in a pretty bad state.

I had recently finished painting the wood work upstairs and had some left over paint that I decided to use. Before choosing the paint, I had spent a lot of time researching the best options, as I HATE standard gloss paint! Its nasty to paint with, takes forever to dry and most importantly it stinks! There had to be a better option I thought, and there is…VOC Free paints from Lakeland Paints!

Keeping our air quality clean and minimising our exposure to toxic fumes is so important to me. Did you know that most paints can give off VOCs for years after they have dried? It shocked me to discover that, and as VOCs are linked to numerous cancers, respiratory conditions and other nasty illnesses, let alone the damage they do to the environment, I wanted to stay well away!

I did the wood work with their white satin gloss paint and was really happy with the results. After sanding it all down, I gave it 2 coats and voila! I don’t know how hard wearing it will be for constant foot traffic, but as I am putting carpet on the main part of the treads, I think it will be ok!

This whole project really didn’t take very long, or cost a huge amount and look at the difference it makes! If your stairs need a face lift, why not give it a go and feel free to post your finished results below!