Perfect Peaceful Paddling

Perfect Peaceful Paddling

18th August 2018 0 By Zoe

When my my lovely friend told me she had a child free day coming up and asked if I’d be free to do something, I jumped at the chance! Mama days are few and far between and are essential to a happy healthy mama! It doesn’t have to be a grand expedition, or cost the Earth, but we definitely all need to take time for ourselves on a regular basis.

It turns out it had been nearly 2 years since we both went for a paddle together, so that’s what we decided to do!

We met at a pub on a lovely stretch of the Grand Union Canal where you can travel for about 3 Miles in one direction before hitting a lock. Biz dropped me off so he could help with getting the kayaks on and off the car, and then took the kids out for some Daddy time.

As soon as the paddle hit the water, I was transported to my happy place. Calm waters ahead, I was at peace!


The canal was glorious, with wildlife at every turn. Happy walkers saying hello as we paddled passed, chilled out boat owners, relaxing on their deck enjoying the sun and watching the world go by. One guy we saw had it completely sorted, he was working at his laptop, with a black lace umbrella shading his screen and an open bottle of Moët on the go! 👍

The hedgerows were full of blackberries which were calling out to be picked and they were so yummy 😋 almost got stuck in the brambles trying to reach them though!

We saw a heron flying by, a garden full of sleeping ducks and paddled past a flock of sheep sheltering under the shade of some trees. The land is so dry right now, it looked like we could have been in Africa and with the warm sun on our skin, it felt like it too!

We spotted some sort of dragonfly darting in and out of all the reeds along the sides of the canal, they had a beautiful irridescent blue body with a black print on the top of their wings. We later found out that they are in fact Damselflys, the Banded Demoiselle, beautiful!

After paddling about 2.5 Miles, we headed back to enjoy a well earned pub lunch.

I feel incredibly grateful for being able to take this time for me, to relax and take in the beautiful countryside that we live in. It gave me time to appreciate how lucky I am, and to focus on what really matters to me. Thank you Thank you 🙏