Mama Time – What does it mean to you?

Mama Time – What does it mean to you?

18th January 2019 0 By Zoe

I became aware the other day that I’ve posted a few things on Instagram lately about how I spend my Mama Time, and it crossed my mind that maybe people thought “Wow, she gets a lot of time off” or “Blimey I wish I could spare the occasional hour to myself!” So whilst on a walk by myself this morning, it got me thinking, about what Mama Time means to me, and why I feel it is so important.

Firstly I want to say that I am immensely grateful for my life. Other than the usual little difficulties that are to be expected when being a parent, I couldn’t be happier.

I chose to become a mum, when I was ready. I had a fantastic variety of personal experiences and growth before becoming a parent, and I am now incredibly lucky to be able to spend all my days with my children, watching them grow and supporting them along the way.

But even amongst all this wonderful life, as a parent, we still have so many plates to juggle, so much whirring through our brains at any one time, so much love to give to our families, that we often forget about being ourselves. To reconnect, with ourselves, with what makes us tick, or to find new inspirations and desires to fuel our fire. I always used to feel guilty about taking time out for me, but do you know what…I don’t any more! And that is because I truly believe that without you being you, what can you expect to offer your family or the rest of the World? Certainly not the best of yourself, that’s for sure.

So my resolutions to myself this year are

  • To take the time to look after myself,
  • Get fit and strong, which is an essential part to being healthy and happy
  • And most importantly, not feel guilty for taking time out for me.

It only need be 10 minutes if that’s all you have…find a comfy spot and just breathe, dive into that book you’ve been meaning to finish for over a year, do some stretching, or go for a walk. Whatever makes you smile, do it today, and then do it again tomorrow, because you are amazing at what you do, you need to show yourself some gratitude too.

This a only a short walk from our house, but its a route I’ve not taken before even though Biz and the kids have been there a few times. It’s a sheltered little outcrop via a footpath across a farmers field. Hardly anyone goes there so it is peaceful and a great place to reflect. I loved the walk there and back too, grateful for being able to walk at my own pace and breathe in the fresh winter air. It made me feel alive and ready to get on with the day in a productive way.

I left this little message for the next people who venture to that spot.

Thank you ❤💚💙🧡💛💜