Los Angeles – California ScienCenter

Los Angeles – California ScienCenter

5th October 2018 1 By Zoe

Our 2nd day in LA took us to the California Science Centre, and the home of of the Space Shuttle Endeavor! We arrived just after lunch and spent the rest of the day exploring the exhibits and made it to the Space Shuttle Exhibit just in time before closing!

The museum entry is free except for special exhibits and it’s open daily from 10am – 5pm.

There is a fantastic kids area and they loved getting involved with all the interactive exhibits, it was hard to tear them away!

Fishing and marine life identification

House construction 🔨

We loved the Space exhibit and the kids were fascinated to see a piece of Moon rock brought back from the Apollo 11 mission!

There were different climate regions, showing what life is like in Polar areas, deserts, rain forests etc and we got to experience how an earthquake would feel, in an earthquake simulator. It was pretty scary, despite knowing we were completely safe. I hate to think what’s it would be like to experience for real on a regular basis!

The best bit for us however was walking into a huge hanger to the sound of bombastic music and seeing the space shuttle endeavor! It was epic! Completely blown away by the size of it, we stood and stared and marvelled at the enormity of the fact that this shuttle has been into space on 25 separate missions, playing it’s part in the assembly of the International Space Station. It also completed the first service mission to the Hubble Telescope amongst other things. Unfortunately we didn’t have as long as we’d hoped as the centre was closing, but we are so glad we got to experience a piece of space history so close up!

The last space shuttle external tank is located outside the main hanger on its side, and I believe there are plans for it to be housed upright for all to see in the near future! It’s astonishing just how big it actually is!

There is a lot more to this museum than we were able to experience in our short visit, definitely worth another visit if we are ever in LA again!