Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath

29th November 2018 0 By Zoe


We had a beautiful family walk in the woods the other day. It’s not often we get to travel very far without complaint, but this was a foraging mission and full of fun and adventure!

We set out to collect holly and pine cones for a Christmas wreath I wanted to make this year and felt very grateful to discover a bountiful supply of holly. We were able to pick enough for us whilst not making a dent in what was left. We weren’t so lucky with the pine cones as we were in the wrong part of the woods but that didn’t matter…we found plenty of sweet chestnuts instead.

I still needed some more to fill out the wreath, so it was the perfect opportunity to cut back the ivy in the garden along with some of the hedge too!

I had a lovely friend over to do some Christmas crafts with the kids together, but we decided the holly might be a bit prickly for the kids, and anyway we wanted to play!!

We made a hoop out of willow and tied it with string and then just started weaving in pieces of conifer and ivy before poking in the pieces of holly, trying not to get spiked…ouch!

I’m so happy with the end result and it already has pride of place on the front door! Merry Christmas Everyone🎄🎄🎄