Chocolate Chestnut Balls

Chocolate Chestnut Balls

27th November 2018 1 By Zoe

Here is a yummy versatile recipe for chocolate chestnut balls! I threw these together as both children turned their noses up at roasted chestnuts on their own!

I have made so many variations of this recipe over the years, but never with chestnuts, as until today I was a chestnut virgin!  Any of these ingredients can be substituted as your tastes prefer, although obviously they won’t be Chestnut balls without chestnuts 🤣.Check out my post on how to roast them here.


3/4 cup roasted chestnuts, chopped

1/4 cup hazelnuts, chopped

1/2 cup dates, chopped

3 tbs cacao powder

2 tbs maple syrup

A sprinkle of cinnamon

A dash of vanilla essence


Usually, I would chuck all the ingredients into a food processor, but as mine gave up on me a while ago, I opted for the chopping method instead! There is something very satisfying about using a big knife to chop things up! I had some good tunes on in the background and had a great time chop chopping away!

Once chopped to your desired size, mix together in a bowl until all is combined! I like to use my hands for this bit.

Then take spoon sized portions and roll into little balls…job done! This quantity probably made about 15 balls, but I’m not entirely sure as they were eaten quicker than I could count!

Why not try some other combinations too…add in any spices of choice and away you go! Perfect quick and healthy snack and the kids love them!

Cashews, dates and cacao

Pecan, maple and fig

Walnut, cranberry and cacao

…the possibilities are endless!