A Promise to Play

A Promise to Play

29th October 2018 0 By Zoe

Why is it, that when we become adults, we suddenly forget how to play? Is it that we forget, or are we just so wrapped up in the constraints of adulthood that we don’t know how to make time anymore?

Being a home educating mama I get the amazing privilege of being able to spend most of the day with our children. I know some people might disagree about this being a good thing, but 99% of the time, I love it! I love the quality time and the not so quality time, and everything in between that makes us the family that we are.

This said, I still find it hard to ‘play’ with our children…there is always an excuse…I’m just making dinner… I’m just doing the washing…In a minute…I’ve got to do this first etc etc…I tend to think that because they play so well together, that they don’t need me to join in.  Sometimes they don’t, but sometimes they do, and it’s these times, when they want to play imaginative superhero games, or imaginary play with their teddies that I struggle the most! Do we lose our imagination as an adult, or did I just never have one in the first place?!😂

Don’t get me wrong, I interact with them all day long, we have fantastic conversations about anything that comes up, we do art together, science experiments together, we cook, sing and dance, go on outings, trips and much much more…so why do I find it so hard to push everything else to one side, and get involved in their games?

And it’s not just me, I hear it everywhere I go, amongst people I know, and people I don’t. But do you know what? When I do actually make that effort to stop and get involved in their world, my whole world lights up…their world lights up, and everything is just brilliant!

I think there are lots of different reasons for people’s lack of play, I’m sure they vary for everyone, but overall I think they boil down to the following things…tiredness, stress, a distracted mind and putting too much pressure on ourselves.

So what better way to alleviate these problems, then by losing yourself in your child’s world for a little while? Whenever children experience stress of some kind, how do they deal with it? Play of course!

I think it’s time we all found more time to play, for our children’s sake, and for ourselves. I’m sure by doing so, we would find that some of our big worries are not as big as they first seemed. We might actually discover our own ways to solve problems through play, by relaxing our mind and letting go for a bit. The washing up can wait!

So here is my promise, to myself and to our beautiful children, who are growing so fast, and who I hope never lose the joy of play…

I promise to put things aside as often as possible and get involved in your games, to mess around more and be silly, to climb trees and slide slides with you and to play hide and seek. I promise to stop and think before I say ‘No’ or ‘I can’t right now’ Because you are children for such a short time, and you deserve to play!


Photo credit: Biz Minter